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To contact Global Criminology about general enquieries, please send an email to: admin@globalcriminology.com


Submitting Articles

Globalcriminology.com is looking to build up a broad repository of articles and papers relating to Criminology around the world. We are looking for clear and interesting articles on all subjects within the broad field of crime and Criminology, especially ones on topical or recent events.

If you would like to submit a Criminology article to GlobalCriminology.com, please send an email to: admin@globalcriminology.com

What is required:

  • Your main contact details:
    • Full Name,
    • Email address,
    • Country,
    • Website,
    • Related establishment (university/research dept.),
    • Main qualification (your last completed).
  • The topic of the submitted article and a brief summary.
  • Any notes/authors additions you would like added to the article.
  • The article itself attached as a .pdf or word document. Please make sure the formatting is correct before sending!

If you have any requirements (for instance, if you are happy for it to be read but not quoted from/used in conferences) please include this in the email as we can add a notice and prevent ‘easy copying’ (using copy and paste). Please make sure that the article is thoroughly referenced and cited using whichever system you prefer.